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Our Mission

At Proactive Community Services, we know the fight to improve health conditions and access to jobs in our communities is far from over. That is why we are reaching out to you today.

PCS operates with limited funding to improve the quality of life for under-served individuals living in the south suburbs of Cook County. Your support will allow us to develop future services to fill existing gaps in health promotion, workforce development and chronic disease prevention.

Where Your Donation Goes

PCS is committed to serving south suburban Cook County to provide healthcare services and workforce development programs that improve the quality of life of its residents. PCS receives support through federal and state funding, as well as local foundations committed to eliminating health disparities in low-income communities of color. PCS also seeks support from individual donors’ interest in seeing how their investment of time, talent, and treasure benefit communities in south suburban Cook County.
“This Chronic Disease Self-Management program helped me to get started on my exercise program; equipped me to choose nutritious foods; and I lost 6 pounds! I feel so much healthier, and I know that the program has added years to my life.”

- Program participant