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Proactively Making A Difference

Proactively Making a Difference

Healthy Families Lead to Healthy Outcomes in Life


Limited Quantities Available


Limited Quantities Available

Who We Are

PROACTIVE COMMUNITY SERVICES (PCS) provides programming that educates and brings awareness to combat social and health disparities. PCS’s aim is to empower individuals and encourage behaviors that promote long-term healthy lifestyles, economic self-sufficiency and independence through individual achievement.

Our Mission

Providing health guidance solutions and health career training to disadvantaged communities

Our Philosophy

Our vision is to bring the highest ideals of public health into the lives of adults, families and youth to end health and social inequities.

What We Do

PCS training participants are given the opportunity to obtain higher education, training and support services needed to secure positions that have opportunity for advancement and sustainability, ultimately leading these individuals on a pathway to financial self-sufficiency.

Community Health and Wellness

Comprehensive HIV/AIDS/STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) service delivery includes: Health Education and Risk Reduction Linkages to HIV Testing, Hepatitis C Screening, Counseling, and Referrals to care services.

Linking our community with public health services, social service organizations, hospitals and health care providers to promote healthcare events and activities by making them widely available in disadvantaged communities.